Terry Yeomans

June 3, 2021

During the Flight Safety Foundation’s (FSF’s) 66th Annual Business Aviation Safety Seminar (BASS2021) this week, the organization presented its Business Aviation Meritorious Service Award to Terry Yeomans of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

Yeomans, program director for IBAC’s International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH), received the award from FSF President and CEO Dr. Hassan Shahidi.

FSF has presented the award since 1975 for outstanding service and contributions to business aviation safety. The honor recognizes individuals whose work enhances safety in this segment of the industry. NBAA partners with the FSF each year on the annual industry leading safety event, and the association is among IBAC’s founding member organizations. Learn more about NBAA’s role in the creation of IBAC.

Shahidi said Yeomans was being recognized for his service representing business aviation on the International Civil Air Organization (ICAO) Ground Handling Task Force as well as for his work developing practical safety management systems guidance for ground handling operations and for furthering development and acceptance of international standards for business aircraft operations and the international standards for business aviation handlers.

“Terry has been a key member of the ICAO Task Force since its inception and was instrumental in helping to develop critical safety content for ground handling,” Shahidi said. “[He] has been a champion, an advocate, for the business aviation sector, and has displayed an ability and willingness to work closely with other key stakeholders – airlines, airports, regulators.”

Yeomans said his work was part of a “team effort, and I’ll accept this on behalf of everybody at IBAC.”

“I’m really grateful for the support from the Ground Handling Task Force, and the work that they’re doing – this is a great deal of work that’s being done for the benefit of business aviation safety on the ground, and I’m really pleased to be part of this,” said Yeomans. “I’m very, very passionate about this particular element of our sector, and I just want us to keep going forward.”

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