Updated Oct. 31, 2019

The potential for inaccurate altimeter readings in cold weather conditions prompted the FAA to release a list of several hundred airports across the country that mandate cold temperature altitude corrections to ensure the required obstacle clearance (ROC). When the temperature falls to an airport-specific threshold, pilots are required to correct for the cold temperature and report the corrected altitude to air traffic controllers.

Pilots flying aircraft that compensate for temperature must ensure their onboard system is working correctly for each segment of the approach – intermediate, final and/or missed approach – that requires an altitude correction. This includes minimum descent altitude and decision altitude. Pilots without temperature compensation systems must use the Aeronautical Information Manual 7-2-3 ICAO Cold Temperature Error Table.

The FAA annually publishes the updated list of cold temperature restricted airports, and their corresponding operational requirements, in the general notices section of the Notices to Airmen Publication.

Review the FAA NOTAM with the full list of cold temperature restricted airports.

On Oct. 24, 2019, the FAA released an Information for Operators (InFO) to identify the airports removed from and added to the cold temperature restricted airports list.

Download InFO 19012 to review the airport changes.