Feb. 2, 2018

A two-year collaborative effort between NBAA, the FAA, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) and other stakeholders has resulted in a number of key safety improvements for operators at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) in Honolulu, HI.

On Jan. 26, the latest measure to help reduce runway incursions at the busy airport – which supports a diverse mix of aircraft – was completed. Hold lines between Runways 4L-22R and 4R-22L have been realigned, which aviation officials hope will cut down on runway incursions at HNL.

The previous runway holding position markings on Foxtrot, Echo and Delta taxiways were in a reversed configuration, with the solid portion facing the runway, unlike what pilots are used to seeing at most airports. Due to the close proximity of the two parallel runways, the intention at HNL is to keep the aircraft on the runway until cleared to exit onto the connecting taxiway. This configuration caused confusion and contributed to runway incursions.

“Kudos to HNL and FAA officials for proactively creating a more standard runway holding position markings configuration and for their efforts in producing educational videos and print materials to help pilots operate safely at Honolulu,” said Stacy Howard, NBAA Western regional representative.

“The new hold lines are more intuitive, however as pilots exit the runway they still need to be prepared to stop prior to reaching the second holding position marking for the parallel runway.”

Operators are encouraged to view the new educational video and to become familiar with the updated print materials explaining the hold lines relocation and unique aspects of operating at HNL.

Howard noted that since the educational effort got underway, runway incursions have significantly reduced. Howard still reminds operators “to remain vigilant when assigned Runway 4L, as wrong surface landings remain to be a concern at the airport.

“NBAA is pleased to be working closely with HDOT and FAA officials as they continue their efforts to increase safety and reduce runway incursions at HNL,” she said.

Read the FAASTeam notice.