NBAA Training Guidelines for Single Pilot Operations of Very Light Jets and Technically Advanced Aircraft

1. Introduction

This document provides the National Business Aviation Association-recommended training guidelines for the next generation of very light jets (VLJ). For the purpose of this document, very light jets are jet aircraft weighing 10,000 pounds or less (a distinction from the traditional definition of large aircraft as more than 12,500 pounds, and light aircraft as 12,500 pounds or less) and certificated for single pilot operations. These aircraft will possess at least some of the following features: (1) advanced cockpit automation such as moving map GPS and multi-function displays; (2) automated engine and systems management; and (3) integrated autoflight, autopilot and flight-guidance systems. This document offers a training outline that represents the minimum curriculum necessary to satisfy a very light jet transition-training program.

These training guidelines do not mandate how very light jet training is to be implemented. Though the guidelines were developed with a simulator-based training program in mind, each training provider must best determine the most effective and efficient methods to meet the objectives in this document. All elements presented must be addressed in a training program for very light jets.