Feb. 18, 2021

The 43rd annual FAA General Aviation (GA) and Part 135 Activity Survey has launched, and is the only source of information for the agency to determine the ways people use recreational and business aircraft.

Administered by the research firm Tetra Tech for the past 20 years, the GA Survey samples more than 80,000 aircraft, or about 30% of total registered U.S. aircraft. The survey provides accurate, statistical estimates across all aircraft types, and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Data from the survey is aggregated so the FAA can better understand the impact of the GA industry on jobs and economic output, and determine investments in aviation infrastructure.

“NBAA strongly encourages its members to participate in the annual FAA General Aviation and Part 135 Activity Survey,” said Mark Larsen, CAM, NBAA senior manager, safety and flight operations. “The survey results are used to help determine funding needs, and to calculate the rates of accidents among GA aircraft. It is critical for NBAA members invited to participate in the survey to complete it, so that the FAA has the most accurate data underpinning such funding and safety statistic calculations.”

Certain groups of aircraft are surveyed every year to better understand the aviation activity of specific groups, such as turbine aircraft, rotorcraft, newer aircraft and Alaska-based aircraft. Review past survey results.

Tetra Tech said survey responses are confidential and will not be published or released in any form that would reveal an individual participant. Each selected participant will receive an email or postcard invitation asking them to complete the survey online, with a mail survey sent to those not completing online. An abbreviated survey form for owners/operators for three or more aircraft is also available.

Contact Tetra Tech at 1-800-826-1797 or email infoaviationsurvey@tetratech.com for more information on survey participation.