Nov. 20, 2019

NBAA’s dedication to safety education involves a number of initiatives, including the association’s sponsorship and participation in the recent Bombardier Safety Standdown. For more than 10 years, NBAA has partnered with Bombardier on the event, providing safety and operations experts to present engaging education sessions.

“Safety must be an industry-wide endeavor – not owned exclusively by any single company or organization,” said Mark Larsen, CAM, NBAA’s senior manager of safety and flight operations. “That’s part of what makes Bombardier Safety Standdown so special. The free event draws a wide range of business aviation professionals for open, transparent safety dialogue that benefits the industry as a whole.”

Sierra Grimes, NBAA’s senior manager of registration, and Brian Koester, NBAA’s senior manager of flight operations and regulations, discussed how building a multi-generational workforce can be a force multiplier for departments, by creating opportunities for additional perspectives and safety solutions. They encouraged attendees to actively participate in workforce development initiatives, including networking and acting as formal or informal mentors.

“The standdown audience provides a key opportunity to secure more partners in developing the future workforce of aviation,” said Grimes. “Regardless of their formal titles, these attendees are leaders in the industry and can make a positive impact on workforce development by networking with prospects for business aviation and mentoring new entrants to the industry.”

Also on hand representing NBAA was Peter Korns, NBAA’s senior manager, tax, operations and workforce development, who discussed ongoing work of the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee’s (GAJSC) CFIT working group and efforts to mitigate the risk of CFIT accidents. The GAJSC’s efforts are data-driven, based on a two-year analysis of fatal accidents, and resulted in a number of recommendations regarding education, training and implementation of new technology for reducing the number CFIT accidents.

Safety Award

NBAA Safety Committee member Michael Ott, director of government contracting as well as a lead international captain/instructor pilot at Phoenix Air Group, received the 2019 Bombardier Safety Standdown Award for his more than 35-year commitment to safety.

“NBAA applauds Mike for his career-long dedication to improving safety not only in his own organization but industry-wide,” said Larsen. “He is a leader for his peers, a mentor for new professionals in business aviation and a very worthy recipient of the Bombardier Safety Standdown Award.”

“Since 1996, the Bombardier Safety Standdown has set forth the bold idea that we could improve aviation safety, and we could do it now, freely giving attendees concrete ideas that they could apply as soon as they get home, all for no charge,” said Ott. “I am proud to have been a standdown student and advocate since 2006.

“Of course, having won the 2019 Safety Standdown Award, I have to go out and keep earning it. ‘Learn. Apply. Share.’ isn’t just a catchy motto; it’s creed and a call to action,” Ott added.

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