June 22, 2012

NBAA welcomes this week’s appointment of John W. Halinski as the new deputy administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), effective July 1. Halinski succeeds Gale Rossides, who in May announced her retirement after 34 years in public service, including 10 years at the TSA.

Halinski previously served as the TSA’s assistant administrator for the Office of Global Strategies, where he worked primarily with foreign countries and international aviation groups, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), to develop security policy, according to Doug Carr, NBAA vice president of safety, security, operations & regulation.

“NBAA has worked with John on several occasions as we’ve prepared for the high-level security conferences that take place at ICAO and at other international security events, to ensure that the uniqueness of general aviation (GA) in the United States is not lost in the international arena,” said Carr.

Carr added that Halinski brings a valuable perspective about security to the leadership of the TSA.

“He has spent a substantial amount of time working with security experts outside of the U.S., and has a real-world appreciation for security measures that have worked, or not worked, around the globe,” said Carr. “While his primary mission clearly is to focus on the needs of the U.S. aviation community, it’s important that we have an experienced regulator and seasoned diplomat helping TSA to navigate the complex international security waters.”

Halinski joined the TSA in 2004 and also has served as deputy assistant administrator for its operations in Europe; area manager for the Office of Global Strategies; and as TSA representative covering 38 countries. He also served as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) lead for the 2006 Winter Olympics and the DHS lead for the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon, according to information released by the TSA.

Before joining the TSA, Halinski served 25 years in the United States Marine Corps in a variety of positions in intelligence and infantry communities, according to the TSA.

“We’re encouraged by John’s appointment to this position and look forward to working with him,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.