Oct. 22, 2020

Focusing on the practical steps attendees can use to improve safety within their organizations, Bombardier held its iconic annual Safety Standdown – now in its 24th year – on Oct. 21, a virtual day-long event that capped off a series of mini safety sessions held over the past several months.

“We are grateful for the leadership that Bombardier provides our community,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen in his introduction to the event, noting that NBAA has partnered with Bombardier on the Safety Standdown for 12 years. “We want to promote safety, and we want to demonstrate safety, which is business aviation’s core value.”

The theme for the Standdown was “Safety in Focus 20/20,” and featured respected safety leaders, including Dr. Tony Kern, CEO of Convergent Performance, who kicked off the day with a presentation on “The Infinite Battle: The Art and Science of Becoming.” According to Kern, the most difficult and long-term battle you will ever fight is the one between who you are today, and who you are capable of becoming. Kern believes that the keys to victory in the infinite battle are to stay in the fight, and to learn how to win.

Amy Grubb, special assistant to the chief information officer, FBI, presented a session on ‘A Design Thinking Approach to Culture.’ She led participants through the psychological, learning and design principles to consider in continuing to build and grow a safety culture in an engaging and practical way so that they can take immediate steps to enhance their culture and business practices.

A session on ‘How Developing Your Emotional Intelligence and Hardiness Can Help You Increase Safety in Aviation’ was presented by Dr. Steven J Stein, executive chair and founder, Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS). Stein explored these concepts and why they are important for people working in aviation, especially leaders.

‘Wait, What Was I Doing? Attention Management for Safety,’ was discussed by Dr. Antonio Cortés, senior advisor (USA, Canada, South America), GMR Aviation Consulting. The presentation was focused on helping AMTs and pilots to increase their resilience against distractions.

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