Dec. 19, 2022

A new module has been added to NBAA’s Small Operator Learning Series – “Continuing the Road to a Safer Flight Operation,” expands upon the first safety-related module, “Speaking with Your Principal – Expectations of Safety.”

In the new session, panelists resume that conversation on safety, discussing the roles professionalism, training and standardization have in small flight departments.

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Panelist Kodey Bogart, CEO of KB Solutions, LLC, an aviation safety expert and consultant, encouraged small organizations to be open to safety management systems (SMS) and other initiatives, even if most resources seem tailored to large organizations.

“Small organizations think they can’t implement certain safety programs because they’re small,” said Bogart, adding that confidential reporting is one example of an initiative small organizations may struggle to implement. “It’s not as daunting as many organizations think. Start by assessing what you already do and look to outside resources to help fill the gaps.”

For example, Aviation Safety Action Program participation is available through some third parties, enabling small operations to combine reporting efforts that can help protect anonymity and facilitate organizations learning from each other.

Small operations may not find much value in an internal safety standdown involving only a few employees, but many regional aviation associations host safety standdowns. Participating in these activities can help a small organization round out their SMS in a very effective way.

The Small Operator Learning Series also provides best practices for aircraft time-sharing, insurance guidance, budgeting basics and tips for communicating with your principal. Attendees who complete all eight sessions of the Small Operator Learning Series can receive one credit toward NBAA’s Certified Aviation Manager program application or recertification.

NBAA provides many other resources tailored to small flight departments, including best practices for maintenance in a small flight department, the Small Operator Symposium and the Small Flight Department Safety Guide.