Jan. 7, 2016

Several regional business aviation groups have scheduled aviation safety days this spring, as a means of highlighting the importance of safety to the business aviation community.

“Aviation safety days are an excellent tool for education and raising organizational awareness concerning important aviation safety issues,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s director of regional programs. “NBAA encourages these events as a way to increase personal and organizational vigilance while helping improve safety practices and procedures.”

Here are some of the events scheduled for the coming months:

The Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association will host its Eighth Annual Safety Day at the Museum of Flight on Boeing Field in Seattle, WA, on April 7. The focus will include both safety and security issues affecting business aviation operations. For more information concerning speakers, topics and attendee registration contact NBAA’s Kristi Ivey at kivey@nbaa.org. Learn more about the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association.

The Chicago Area Business Aviation Association will host its 10th Annual Safety Day on April 28 at “Hamburger University” in Oakbrook, IL. Safety Day speakers from academia, government and industry will provide safety insights that everyone can use, whether in the cockpit, on the hangar floor, in the office or at home. Learn more about the Chicago Area Business Aviation Association.

The Greater Washington Business Aviation Association will host its annual Safety Standdown on May 5 at the NTSB Training Center in Ashburn, VA. Learn more about the Greater Washington Business Aviation Association.

The Northern California Business Aviation Association will host a Safety Day on May 10. This program will address many of the factors that differentiate a truly prepared organization from one that has not had the time or internal knowledge to engineer an effective program. Topics will include identifying a developing event in the air, confirmation of an accident, best practices for schedulers, dispatchers, and flight department administrators, communications management and more. Learn more about the Northern California Business Aviation Association.

Another tool flight departments have for enhancing safety is the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. Upcoming workshops on the Fundamentals of IS-BAO will be offered in Phoenix, AZ, Houston, TX, Long Branch, CA. Louisville, KY, Seattle and Atlanta, GA.

NBAA helps promote regional business aviation group events, including membership meetings, local safety days, advocacy days and fundraisers, held nationwide throughout the year. Learn more about NBAA’s regional resources.