August 8, 2014

Corinne McCune

Applying for an NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Training Award in 2012 was the beginning of a professional development journey for Corrine McCune.

“[Applying] is the biggest step you take,” said McCune. “I hear a lot of people say that they would have applied, but never got around to it. The professional benefits are well worth the time.”

Completing the application process allowed McCune to receive a training award in January 2013. She used the award to obtain her FAA Aircraft Dispatch License in Houston, TX in August 2013. As a result of obtaining her dispatch license, McCune has found herself communicating and partnering with her flight crews at The Home Depot on a higher level. Her professional development experience also fostered a growing enthusiasm for her chosen career field.

“Completing this milestone has further fueled my passion for the aviation industry and my desire to share this with others,” said McCune.

Sharing her experiences with others has become even easier for McCune since the receipt of her training award. Going through the scholarship and training award process allowed her to significantly expand her professional network. She now consults her new industry contacts to benchmark operations within her own flight department.

Many of her new contacts also provided McCune with support as she pursued her professional development goals. During the training process, McCune found herself constantly supported by the S&D community — from donor company Universal Weather & Aviation, who provided her award, to the NBAA S&D Committee members who supported her as she faced the challenges associated with completing her license.

“My biggest challenge was the added time commitment on top of my already full work schedule, but with the support of those around me, it was well worth the effort,” said McCune.

McCune looks forward to future professional development opportunities. She currently has her sights set on becoming a Certified Aviation Manager. Her advice to those considering starting the scholarship and training award application process: “Just do it!”