August 8, 2014

With 12 years of experience as a private pilot, Ken Baylor had a comprehensive understanding of Air Traffic Control from a pilot’s perspective. The NBAA Air Traffic Services Training Award he received in 2013 provided a unique opportunity to participate in a week-long immersion in the strategy and nuances of the Command Center, expanding his perspective on Air Traffic Control.

Ken Baylor

Baylor completed his training in spring 2014 at NBAA headquarters in Washington, DC and the Air Traffic Control Center in Virginia. As the lead dispatcher at The Flight Department USA, Baylor put his training to use immediately.

“Having a better understanding of the impact of weather, air traffic routing, the National Airspace Playbook, and how many people it takes to successfully operate within the margins of safety each day has greatly benefited my clients, my employer and, most of all, myself,” said Baylor.

Receiving an NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers training award has inspired Baylor to pursue continued professional development, not just for personal advancement, but for the benefit to his flight department. As a flight operation professional, Baylor stressed the importance of continuing education as an asset to stay up-to-date on available products and services as well as current challenges and changing team dynamics in business aviation.

Baylor was recently approved by the CAM Committee to take the written exam for his CAM certification and is “looking forward to completing that milestone soon.” As a training award recipient, Baylor is also a strong advocate for NBAA and the vast resources offered to business aviation professionals.

“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take,” said Baylor. “NBAA is a treasure trove of products, services and training opportunities for all of our colleagues to embrace. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and the status quo. Review all of the scholarships available, apply, and enjoy the ride.”