August 24, 2016

Michelle Lussier

Michelle Lussier wasn’t expecting an NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Training Scholarship, but she’s happy with the results – and so is her flight team.

Lussier has been a team member at CVS Health for 42 years, with 18 of those spent as a scheduler for the aviation department. She had originally applied for an S&D Monetary Scholarship and was surprised when she was notified that she would be receiving a Training Scholarship instead. Upon discussion with her colleagues, she decided to take the FlightSafety Course for Schedulers and Dispatchers, which she completed in September 2013.

It turned out to be a great decision, for both Lussier and her colleagues. “The class was small and very informative, and the knowledge I received not only from the course, but from the classmates I met, was priceless,” said Lussier. “The course confirmed that there is much more than just the schedule that faces me on a daily basis. I had a better understanding and respect of the pilots’ part of the flight planning process, which has helped me in the actual scheduling and decision-making of flights.”

Lussier‘s advice to anyone who is considering applying for a scholarship: “Go for it – there’s an opportunity out there for everyone.” The biggest challenge she faced with the application was writing about herself; however, not only did she ultimately excel at the written portion, but the process also helped her realize how fundamental a scheduler’s job is to a successful flight department.

The positive experience has inspired Lussier to strive for more training. She would like to attend future PDP courses, Schedulers & Dispatchers Conferences and possibly apply for another scholarship. With her desire to learn, it’s clear the sky is the limit for this dedicated scheduler.