August 8, 2014

Sandy Frentz

Trip Coordinator Sandy Frentz is no stranger to the positive impact created by receiving an NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers scholarship. In 2002, she won her first monetary award as a beginning scheduler and used the awarded funds to complete a five-day FlightSafety class in St. Louis.

Encouraged by the knowledge, experience and confidence gained from attending the FlightSafety course, Frentz applied for a second scholarship, which she used to attend the 2014 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference. During the conference, Frentz participated in a minimum of three sessions each day and imparted her new-found knowledge of hot topics, leadership skills and new procedures to her coworkers upon her return to her flight department.

“NBAA offers a great range of training classes during the S&D Conference,” Frentz said. “The industry changes frequently and the conference provides up-to-date information to bring back to our departments.”

Since completing her FlightSafety training and attending the 2014 conference, Frentz has reaped the benefits afforded by the scholarship and award program, including receipt of her SPDP completion certificate from NBAA and recognition from her supervisor and co-workers. She encourages others in the industry to take the leap and apply for the available funds and training awards.

“There is money to be given and education to be had,” said Frentz. “It is not hard to apply and your boss will love your ‘go get it’ attitude.” Frentz added that the application process was simple to navigate and her coworkers willingly provided reference letters.

Frentz’s professional development efforts haven’t slowed down as she is already looking forward to her next steps in the arena of professional development. Frentz hopes to complete additional international training as well as attend a future NBAA Leadership Conference.