Jan. 21, 2017

The adoption of security best practices continues to evolve as global trends, including heightened security awareness, the changing role of security experts in flight departments, privacy concerns and regulatory matters impact the entrepreneurs and companies that rely on business aviation to reach global destinations.

“Overall, security has risen to a higher level of importance, particularly with multi-national companies due to geopolitical conditions around the globe, and elevated awareness, due to IS-BAO [International Standards for Business Aircraft Operations] certification,” said Michael DelMastro, an executive director of aviation services for an international flight department.

“Security is now part of most flight departments’ briefings, and preparation for international trips,” said DelMastro. “Even for domestic trips, situational security and privacy issues are at the forefront of trip planning.”

While business aviation security receives increased attention in the industry, the aviation security director’s role is changing, as experts in flight departments interact with company headquarters on a more frequent basis to coordinate activities.

“There is a growing interface with corporate security organizations,” said DelMastro. “We and many of our peers either report to or closely work with the corporate security departments.”

Of course, not all security matters are global in nature. The inauguration of President Donald Trump has ushered in a new series of temporary flight restriction (TFR) requirements for operators utilizing Palm Beach International (PBI) airport, given that the president’s Mar-a-Lago residence is a mere two miles from the airfield. Details about the TFR requirements – which will take effect only when the president travels to Palm Beach – will be presented at two NBAA events held in West Palm Beach. NBAA and other industry groups successfully advocated increasing the number of gateway airport locations, and will continue to work on behalf of business aircraft operators to secure access to airspace and airports.

NBAA’s inaugural Security Conference is set for Jan. 24-25 in West Palm Beach, FL. The conference will cover business aviation security best practices and related security programs, such as the DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP). TSA officials will be on hand to provide updates on the PBI TFR plans and other TSA initiatives. Learn more about the Security Conference.

In addition, a new education session “West Palm Beach Presidential TFR – What You Need to Know” has been added to the West Palm Beach Regional Forum at PBI on Jan. 26. Learn more about the West Palm Beach Regional Forum.