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Jan. 21, 2017

The TSA recently revised its Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users, which promotes a risk-based approach to general aviation security.

The guidelines discuss gathering intelligence, providing recommendations for security enhancements and encouraging airport watch programs and incident reporting systems. This revision reflects lessons learned and experience gained since the original guide was published in 2004.

The document was updated as a collaborative effort between the Aviation Security Advisory Committee, which includes NBAA and other general aviation stakeholders, and the TSA. Since civil aviation security regulations don’t typically apply to general aviation airports, these guidelines provide recommended, voluntary actions for general aviation airport operators and users to mitigate possible security risks. The guidelines focus on three areas: people, aircraft and infrastructure.

“If you don’t have a security program or security plan for your flight department, this document is a good place to start,” said Sarah Wolf, NBAA’s senior manager of security and facilitation. “Consider incorporating the security measures appropriate to your organization into your daily operations.”

Appendix A (Airport Security Assessment and Protective Measures Matrix) and Appendix B (Airport Security Program Template) may be particularly useful for NBAA members because these sections highlight variables an aircraft operator should be aware of when using different airports. Examples include an airport’s incident-response capabilities, access control, security monitoring and cyber security.

“Security isn’t just about your home airport,” said Wolf. “Be knowledgeable about the airports you transit through, and learn about the security procedures at the airports and FBOs you use. Security should be a multi-faceted strategy. There are many moving parts and different pieces that come together to make aircraft and airports secure.”

Review the TSA’s Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users.