February 11, 2013

The need for continued vigilance in protecting general aviation from security threats has been underscored by the recent release of an advisory from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which called for heightened awareness amidst a comprehensive manhunt for former California police officer and accused killer Christopher Dorner.

“It is believed that Dorner received flight training during his time in the U.S. Navy, but the extent of his potential flying skills is unknown,” the TSA’s advisory notes. While there is no specific information at this time that Dorner is considering the use of general aviation to evade law enforcement, TSA requests that operators increased alertness, and refresh their familiarity with existing TSA security guidelines for GA. Dorner is accused of killing one police officer and wounding two others, as well as killing the daughter of his police union representative and her fiancé on Sunday, Feb. 3.

The theft of any general aviation (GA) aircraft should be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities and the TSA GA Hotline at 866-GASECUR (866-427-3287). In addition, persons should report any suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement officials and the GA Hotline.

NBAA encourages Members to review the best practices for business aviation security developed by the NBAA Security Council.