Feb. 7, 2019

The FAA has issued a “Deviation to FAA Orders and Policy,” which extends the due dates for “recurrent training, oversight, and renewal” for aircraft certification service and flight service designees affected by the lapse in FAA funding, due to the partial government shutdown that ended Jan. 25

Designees in good standing may continue to perform their “authorized functions in an active status,” unless the FAA notifies them otherwise, until May 1, 2019. The FAA extension overrides the designee database status – including “expired” – indicated by the Designee Information Network, Vital Information Subsystem or the Designee Management System.

The specified orders and policies encompass the management of a wide range of flight standards and aircraft certification service designees. Flight standards aviation safety designees include aviation medical examiners, designated pilot examiners, designated mechanic examiners, designated parachute rigger examiners and designated airworthiness representatives for maintenance. Aircraft certification designees include designated engineering representatives and holders of organization designation authorization.

It does not provide relief for observations of air carrier check pilots. And it “does not supersede any individual designee performance management communication or activities,” or other actions that are or will be processed.

“NBAA applauds the FAA’s effort to maintain the essential contributions of designees as aviation recovers from one government shutdown and the threat of another looms on the horizon,” said Brian Koester, NBAA senior manager of flight operations and regulations. “Flight standards and aircraft certification designees are vital to the safe and efficient daily operation of the national airspace system, and their work, especially that of medical, pilot, and mechanic examiners, is equally important to aviation’s future.”

The FAA has posted this deviation in the Flight Standards Information Management System and the Regulatory Guidance Library. Remaining in effect until May 1, 2019, the deviation said the FAA would notify “designees or organizations” by letter or email, including auto-generated email messages.

View the FAA’s memo on the issue. (PDF)