The following are the most frequently asked questions about using Air Mail in general. For additional help, contact

What’s the difference between Air Mail Forums and Air Mail Listserv?

There are two ways to participate in Air Mail:

  • Air Mail Forums – Web-based forums available to members only with the website password.
  • Air Mail Listserv – Listserv-based email discussion lists. Participants subscribe to send and receive posts by email.

Email messages sent to an Air Mail discussion list address are broadcast to everyone subscribed that list, and are included in Air Mail Forums.
Air Mail Forum posts are emailed to Air Mail Listserv subscribers for that topic.

Who is eligible to participate in Air Mail?

Only current NBAA members are eligible to participate on Air Mail. Join NBAA now.

All contacts at NBAA member companies may participate in Air Mail and have their own NBAA website passwords. Apply for a NBAA website password now.

Can I share files or attachments through Air Mail?

No, you cannot share files on Air Mail Forums or send email attachments through Air Mail Listserv. While email attachments are great for sharing files with colleagues, they can lead to headaches when dealing with hundreds of recipients. Some people cannot read email attachments due to technical problems; in addition, attachments will not be stored properly in the web-based Air Mail Forums.

Any email message with an attachment sent to an Air Mail Listserv address will be rejected automatically.

May I use Air Mail to market my products/services?

No, Air Mail should not be used for marketing messages. Please review the Air Mail Rules for more information.

May I post a job opening/resume on Air Mail?

No. Resumes, job openings and contract employee announcements may not be posted on Air Mail lists.

The Business Aviation Jobs resource is the venue for full-time business aviation opportunities, contract jobs and candidate resumes. NBAA members can post contract job opportunities and any available internships for free. Contract job listings will not only be included in the job board itself, they will be shared on NBAA’s Twitter account for additional visibility.

May I post charter availability announcements (i.e. one ways) to Air Mail?

Yes, you may post such messages only to the Charter Availability list at

It is against the Air Mail rules to send charter availability posts to the other Air Mail lists.

Does NBAA pre-screen Air Mail messages?

No. NBAA does not edit, filter or censor Air Mail messages before they are posted. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that your message says exactly what you want it to before posting it. Please review the Air Mail Communications Guidelines web forum and listserv best practices.

How do I report a violation of the Air Mail rules?

To report violations of the Air Mail rules, please do the following:

  • Air Mail Forums – Click on the “Flag” link for the message in question to submit your comments.
  • Air Mail Listserv – Forward the message with your comments to