The following are the most frequently asked questions about using Air Mail Listserv. For additional help, contact

How do I subscribe to Air Mail Listserv to receive messages via email?

  • Go to Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions. You may be prompted to enter your NBAA website password.
  • Click on the tab that displays the email address that you would like to add, select the lists you would like to add, and then click on the “Submit All Changes” button.

May I subscribe to Air Mail Listerv with more than one email address?

Yes, you may have up to three email addresses listed with your individual login record (i.e. office, home, mobile), each with their own Air Mail subscription options. These addresses will be listed as separate tabs on your Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions page. To add additional email addresses to your records, visit My NBAA Profile: Email addresses.

If other contacts at your company would like access to Air Mail, they should create their own individual login records. All employees at NBAA member companies are eligible to obtain an individual website login and participate in Air Mail. There is no additional charge for this service.

Why am I unable to send messages to Air Mail Listserv?

Below are some of the most common reasons why you may be unable to send messages to Air Mail Listserv.

The address is incorrect.

Messages emailed to an incorrectly entered address – even if the spelling is only off by a letter – will not be delivered to the intended address. For the list of email addresses that you are eligible to post messages to, please visit your Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions page.

You sent an attachment.

Air Mail was set up for the exchange of ideas, not documents. Any message with an attachment will be rejected automatically. If you think that this happened to you, try retyping (or cutting and pasting) the information into the body of your email message. Simple text email messages – even long ones – will make it through.

You’re not a subscriber to the list.

If you’re not receiving any Air Mail Listserv messages, you might not be a list subscriber. Only Air Mail Listserv subscribers can post messages of their own. This protection is in place to prevent spam – unsolicited marketing email – and automatically generated messages from being sent to the lists. Please confirm that you are subscribed to the list by visiting your Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions page.

You’re using an “alias.”

This means that the return email address listed on your outgoing mail is different from the email address that you used when you signed up for the mailing list.

Some Internet service providers establish different outgoing and incoming email addresses for their users for internal routing purposes. Often these address changes add the words “mail” to your email address for outgoing messages. For instance, your incoming email address might be, but your outgoing email address might be Your Internet service provider recognizes both addresses, but NBAA Air Mail does not. The address is considered to be an alias of

If the address you used to subscribe to an Air Mail list is, but you try to post messages from, you will receive a “rejected posting” error and your message will not be sent to the list.

If you are receiving Air Mail messages but can’t contribute, email NBAA at to troubleshoot the issue.

Why am I unable to receive Air Mail Listserv messages?

There are several reasons why Air Mail messages might not be delivered to you.

Your NBAA Membership has lapsed.

Only current NBAA Members are eligible to receive Air Mail messages. Please contact NBAA Membership Services at to renew your membership.

Spam or virus filters are blocking Air Mail Listserv messages.

Some email programs and services may flag or block Air Mail Listerv messages as suspected spam. Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL users in particular may experience lost or delayed messages. If you suspect that your Air Mail Listerv messages are being mislabeled as spam or virus message, please add the Air Mail addresses and the domain to your list of approved senders or contact your email provider. For users of free email services, Gmail may be a more reliable alternative.

What is the difference between the “Normal” and “Digest” delivery options?

Normal delivery means that you will receive each individual message posted to the Air Mail list as soon as it’s sent.

Digest means that messages sent throughout the day will be compiled into one message per day. Digest subscribers may review the subject lines of all messages sent that day, and open individual messages of interest. For busy lists, several digest messages may be sent in one day to limit the size of each digest message. Note: Digest messages will be sent in MIME-encapsulated, HTML format.

Why can’t I read “Digest” messages?

The Air Mail Listserv digest option does not work for all email applications. Air Mail Listserv digests are sent with MIME-encapsulation, and if the subscriber’s email program isn’t able to properly handle MIME, then they will get blank messages from the list, or digest messages with only the table of contents and none of the actual messages. Mac, iOS and Lotus Notes users in particular may be unable to view digest messages.

If you are unable to view digest messages, you must either: change your Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions settings to the “Normal” delivery option to receive each message individually, or select the “Hold Mail” option for no emailed messages, and view messages through the web-based Air Mail Forums.

I will be out of the office. Can I temporarily suspend my Air Mail Listserv subscriptions?

Yes. On the Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions page you may check “Hold Mail” to suspend the subscriptions for selected lists. To begin receiving messages again, uncheck “Hold Mail.”

How do I change my Air Mail Listserv addresses?

To change the email addresses listed with your individual login record, visit My NBAA Profile: Email Addresses.

How do I remove myself, or unsubscribe, from Air Mail Listserv lists?

You may remove yourself from selected lists or all of them using the Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions. Please do not send unsubscribe requests to the list addresses.

How do I unsubscribe an email address from a former employee from Air Mail Listserv lists?

NBAA member representatives may remove contacts from their company’s NBAA member record by logging in to My NBAA Profile.

If you are not your company’s NBAA member representative, or if require assistance removing a contact, please email

How can I send an Air Mail Listserv message of my own?

Only list subscribers may post messages to the lists. For help with subscribing to Air Mail, see How do I subscribe to Air Mail Listserv to receive messages via email?.

Once you have joined an NBAA Air Mail Listserv list, you will begin to receive messages posted by other group members. For discussion lists, you can reply to any of the posted email messages simply by clicking on the “reply” button in your email program.

Note: Replies to the Charter Availability announcement lists will not be sent to the list. Replies will be sent directly to the message sender.

To post a new message of your own, send your message to the unique email address for that list. For example, the Schedulers & Dispatchers address is

For the full list of email addresses that you are eligible to post messages to, visit your Air Mail Listserv Subscriptions page.

How are “Announcement” lists different than other Air Mail Listserv lists?

The Charter Availability Air Mail list is an “Announcement” list.

With Air Mail discussion lists, replies to list messages are sent to the list. This encourages on-list discussion.

When you reply to Charter Availability messages, your message will be sent to the original message sender – not the list itself. Announcement lists are intended to be one-way communications vehicles.

How are “Broadcast” lists different than other Air Mail Listserv lists?

NBAA’s broadcast lists essentially are email newsletters. List subscribers may not post messages to these lists.