Kristopher Cannon, Aviation Secure USA

Kristopher Cannon is an experienced aviation security consultant, speaker and presenter. He has extensive knowledge in the specialized training of personnel, regulatory requirements, global risk and international security. A former USC Corporate Aviation Security Instructor for nearly ten years, the Director of Global Security for a Part 135 southern California Charter Company with over 60 airplanes for thirteen years, Kris has contributed to the safe and secure operations of many flight departments and crews worldwide.

Kris has taught and presented at multiple venues across the country and Canada. He is an ATP rated Captain currently flying a Falcon 2000 EASy and the Director of Training for Gavin DeBecker’s Aviation Services Division at LAX and has served the membership on the NBAA Security Council for the last six years.

A former Los Angeles and Beverly Hill Police Department officer and Defensive Tactics Instructor, Kris has instructed numerous flight crews and personnel in cockpit breach survival, hostile hotel takeover survival, onboard incident management, personal protection and awareness, hotel security, safety management training, active shooter and more.

His no nonsense and common sense approach to aviation security will strengthen your flight department and increase the participants own level of personal security creating a stronger and more security conscious culture.

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