Feb. 7, 2017
Fort Worth, TX

Presented by Sunshine McCarthy, Baldwin Safety & Compliance

Held in conjunction with NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference (SDC2017)

Most organizations are already far along in establishing a formal Safety Management System (SMS) – they just don’t realize it. They have an operations manual, SOPs, training objectives and aircraft maintenance procedures. Most are aware of personal safety in the workplace, environmental concerns and security concerns, both domestic and abroad. Aviation professionals are prepared to recognize situations that would elevate risk, such as fatigue, bad weather and pressure from others. With all these things well in hand, what operators need is organization, structure and a way to develop missing elements.

The purpose of this course is to acquaint participants with the principles of safety management systems (SMS) and to help them understand how to transform their current safety program into a functioning, living, breathing SMS. This one-day course will be of interest to management, flight and maintenance personnel, and safety officers who wish to develop a formal SMS.

For more information, contact NBAA’s Tyler Austin at taustin@nbaa.org or (202) 783-9267.

This course meets NBAA PDP Objective L7.