Jodie Brown, M.A.

As founder and president of Summit Solutions, Jodie Brown brings a vast and deep knowledge of behavior and communication and more than twenty years of leadership and managerial experience to her business aviation clients.

As the daughter of an Annapolis graduate and naval aviator, Jodie inherited a passion for aviation and aerospace. She became adept at learning various cultures and communication styles as she moved with her family. This foundation was the backdrop of her interest in cultural communication styles and human performance.

Jodie Brown assists aviation businesses from OEM’s to FBO’s and corporate flight departments with their recruiting and professional development needs. Her experience working within the full cycle and circle of aviation B2B allows her to share her knowledge with her clients.

With her focus on human behavior as it relates to performance, productivity, safety, service, and profitability, she works with all stages of business life cycle from start-ups, mergers, growth, and re-direction. Through department analysis, consulting, coaching and training, Jodie assists aviation organizations that are experiencing change including team dynamics.

Using her doctoral work in organization communication, certification in corporate mediation, and 20 years teaching all aspects of communication, team development, and management skills, Jodie understands the team collaboration needed for safe, efficient, and effective customer-centric service.

Jodie Brown has served as Associate Dean and Instructor at the University of Denver, Texas Tech University and the University of Colorado. Because of her expertise and energetic delivery style, Jodie is repeatedly asked to speak and teach at national conferences and conventions throughout the aviation industry. She is a keynote and featured speaker at international forums.

She is a published author in many business aviation journals and a frequent editorial contributor for Avbuyer. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor photography, skiing, diving and hiking.

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