Oct. 21, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

Pursuing Mastery in Single-Pilot Business Aviation Operations

Aviation is a key resource for your success. It allows you freedom and opportunities not available by other means. The demands of piloting a sophisticated aircraft while running a successful business presents significant operational challenges that requires a continuous journey of learning that goes beyond bare-minimum qualification and currency. Just as you need keen insight to make informed decisions to succeed in business, so too you need emphasis on Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Airmanship to safely and efficiently employ your airplane as a business asset. Attend the NBAA Single-Pilot Safety Standdown October 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada, to learn key methods, techniques and resources to go beyond mere proficiency and take you on the path to mastery of your business aircraft.


  • Stimulate critical thinking on pre-planned risk management and active risk controlling
  • Discuss necessary/continual education and training on the path to mastery
  • How participation in aircraft type clubs can significantly boost mastery and operational safety
  • Gain insight into resources available to enhance competence and proficiency