Who Should Attend

The NBAA Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference is a valuable event for anyone involved with the management of tax, accounting and legal topics associated with business aircraft operations or acquisitions, including:

  • attorneys
  • accountants
  • tax advisors
  • aviation professionals
  • flight department personnel
  • aircraft owners/operators

Both members and non-members of NBAA are welcome and encouraged to bring their general legal counsel or accountants who may not specialize in aviation.

Cancellation Policy

Please email your cancellation or substitution request to registration@nbaa.org. A 10% processing fee will be assessed for cancelations received in writing on or prior to Oct 18, 2019. There will be no refunds after Oct. 18, 2019.

For general information, contact NBAA Registration at registration@nbaa.org or 202-478-7770.


The dress for all conference and seminar events is business casual: slacks, skirts, blouses, sweaters and blazers for women, and slacks, polo shirts, button-down shirts, blazers or sweaters for men. Meeting rooms have a tendency to be cool, so plan accordingly.

Learning Objectives

Attendees of the 2019 Tax, Regulatory & Risk Management Conference will:

  • Understand how FAA and DOT regulatory requirements affect the structure of owning and operating business aircraft
  • Utilize real world scenarios to learn about tax planning strategies and defenses to overcome potential audit challenges
  • Learn how state tax planning strategies are key to the aircraft acquisition process
  • Review common tax planning questions, including how fair market aircraft lease rates are determined
  • Learn how business aircraft are treated for tax depreciation purposes and the complex rules to qualify for certain depreciation schedules
  • Review how to calculate and remit federal excise tax for flights viewed as commercial by the IRS
  • Learn how to analyze the tax and regulatory impacts for the flight department when corporate reorganizations or other structural changes occur in the company
  • Analyze the unique tax planning strategies for non-traditional aircraft ownership structures or owner-flown scenarios
  • Review the regulatory options (and limitations) to understand how multiple owners can share use of an aircraft, and options for providing use to others while receiving compensation
  • Learn about upcoming aircraft equipage requirements and how to analyze the potential tax consequences
  • Develop risk management strategies for using independent contractors within a flight department
  • Plan for non-business use by understanding required tax calculations and proper documentation of flight classifications

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