For the first time ever, NBAA-BACE will be a carbon neutral event. Offsets will be provided by 4AIR. Cast your vote to pick the U.S.-based projects that will be used to offset travel and event emissions.

The following carbon offset programs are under consideration.

Midwest Wind from Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm and PrairieWinds

With an annual generation of 300,000 MWh of clean energy, PrairieWinds ND aids in the transition toward a decarbonized economy and provides greater access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and efficient energy solutions. The Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm provides environmental and social benefits to its Oklahoma community and the larger region. It creates enough clean energy to power 46,000 homes and sits on over 7,500 acres of agricultural and grazing land.

Massachusetts Tri-City Forest Management

Three cities in Massachusetts – Holyoke, West Springfield and Westfield – have joined together to protect over 6,500 acres of watershed lands. With sustainable forest management, this forest ecosystem offers the natural filter for the drinking water that serves the three cities.

ASCEND Emissions Capture

Ascend, a producer of nylon 66 resin in Cantonment, FL, has developed technology that captures and converts nitrous oxide (N₂O) emissions, with a global warming potential 298 times more than CO₂, into usable nitrogen and oxygen. The resulting nitrogen and oxygen will be converted into nitric acid, a feedstock for nylon 66.

NBAA thanks 4AIR for their generous support of travel and event carbon offsets.


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