NBAA-BACE offers a variety of exhibit options for companies of all sizes. Review important information about pricing and discounts, as well as additional budget considerations.

NEW FOR 2021: NBAA is transitioning to a per square foot pricing model for all exhibit and aircraft display exhibit spaces. However, exhibits must still be reserved in 100 sq. ft. space increments.

Indoor Exhibit Pricing

Indoor exhibits will be located in the brand new West Building at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Due to high exhibitor demand, the priority placement deadline has been extended to Friday, April 30, 2021.

Exhibitors with payments made after the priority placement deadline will not be included in the priority placement process.

Indoor Exhibit Space – must be purchased in 100 square foot increments
Premium Placement $48.30 per square foot
Standard Placement Discounted Price
with payment in full by April 16, 2021 April 30, 2021
$33.30 per square foot
Standard Placement Regular Price $36.10 per square foot
First-time Exhibitor Turnkey Option $2,990 per unit
*Limit of one unit per company
Indoor Aircraft Display Space
Indoor Aircraft Display $2.60 per square foot
Indoor Aircraft Towing Fee $3,000 per aircraft towed to LVCC

Premium placement offers exhibitors with exhibits smaller than 2,000 square feet the opportunity to move to a higher priority status and receive two additional badges per 100 square feet of exhibit space reserved, up to a maximum of 100 badges.

This option must be selected on the exhibit application and full payment – on a nonrefundable basis – must be received by April 30, 2021.

For more information, review the Indoor Exhibit Space Priority Placement Process.

First-time Exhibitor Turnkey Option

First-time Exhibitor Turnkey Option

The First-time Exhibitor Turnkey Option offers an easy and economical way to have a professional display at NBAA-BACE.

Placed within the First-Time Exhibitor Pavilion, each turnkey unit includes:

  • Back wall graphic – 38.65″ x 53.47″
  • Counter logo graphic – 47.9″ x 39″
  • White locking counter – 3.28′ wide
  • Two black limerick stools
  • Grey carpet
  • Electricity – 500 watt outlet
  • Cleaning – nightly
  • Literature rack
  • Labor – installation and dismantling
  • Two exhibitor badges
Due to the size of the space, TVs, large computer monitors and pullup banners are not permitted in the First-Time Exhibitor Turnkey units.

Limited space is available, so be sure to submit your application and payment by the priority deadline, April 30, 2021, to be included in the priority exhibit space placement process. Review the full list of benefits for first-time NBAA-BACE exhibitors.

Note: If back wall and counter logo graphics are not received by the Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021, deadline, a 25% surcharge for printing expenses will be assessed.

Aircraft Display Pricing – Henderson Executive Airport

Indoor Exhibit Space – must be purchased in 100 square foot increments
Ramp Space $2.60 per square foot
Chalet Space
For more information, see Chalet Space Calculations.
$9.90 per square foot

Prices shown are for aircraft parking space only. Fees for additional services such as electrical service, aircraft GPU and temporary air conditioners will be billed separately by the NBAA-appointed service provider.

Tents 400 sq. ft. and smaller may be used on the ramp at no additional charge, but must fit fully within reserved exhibit space.

NOTE: Any exhibitor wishing to have chalet space of 1,700 sq. ft. or more must also have at least 1,200 sq. ft. of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Aircraft mock-ups are only permitted on the aircraft display if the exhibitor has at least one real aircraft on display. Mock-ups must be approved by show management by submission of a space layout plan.

Chalet Space Calculations

For the purposes of calculating chalet space, NBAA defines any chalet as: A tent, structure, or vehicle used for hospitality or private meeting space that is greater than 400 square feet of occupied or covered space.

Exhibitors should consider the following conditions when planning their chalet space:

  • Any outdoor raised deck that is greater than three inches high (including any railing) shall have its overall area added to the chalet space calculation.
  • Any RV or trailer with a retractable awning shall add the size of the awning to the chalet space calculation.
  • Any RV or trailer with a slide-out option shall add the depth of the slide-out to the chalet space calculation.
  • In some situations, tents or structures smaller than 400 square feet are considered chalets. Situations may include but are not limited to, tents with hard walls and doors, tents that require early setup times (prior to aircraft arrivals), the use of two smaller tents to create one larger tent greater than 400 square feet.

Many chalet options use tent structures that are sized using metric measurements. To simplify the application process, NBAA uses the following standard conversion rates for all metric tent structures.

Chalet Metric Dimensions NBAA’s Standard Conversion Size
10 meters 33 feet
15 meters 50 feet
20 meters 66 feet
25 meters 82 feet
30 meters 99 feet
35 meters 115 feet
40 meters 131 feet
45 meters 148 feet
50 meters 164 feet

Other Budget Considerations for Indoor Exhibitors

Below are estimated costs to consider when developing budgets for NBAA-BACE Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) exhibits:

Carpet (10 foot-by-10 foot) $292.00
Carpet padding (90 square feet) $105.65
Electricity (5 amp) $135.50
6 ft x 30 in draped table $175.00
Limerick side chair $126.00
Material handling Price Per Pound $0.86
(500 lbs x $0.86=$430.00)

Other Budget Considerations for Aircraft Display Exhibitors

JBT/LEKTRO, Inc. is the official aircraft towing company for the NBAA BACE aircraft display at Henderson Airport. Towing fees are based on the size of the aircraft and include round-trip (inbound and outbound) towing services. Exhibitors will be assessed aircraft movement fees based on the following schedule. NBAA will collect fees and pass them along to the service provider.

Aircraft Movement Fees

Less than 6,000 lbs MTOW $450
6,000 lbs – 14,999 lbs MTOW $650
15,000 lbs – 34,999 lbs MTOW $850
35,000 lbs – 69,999 lbs MTOW $995
70,000 lbs – 120,000 lbs MTOW $1,100
Over 120,000 lbs MTOW $1,875


Companies who will be sharing exhibit space with another exhibitor must notify NBAA in advance by completing the Co-exhibitor Registration Order Form.

Co-exhibitor registration fee $600

Review the rules for NBAA-BACE co-exhibitors.

Upgraded Exhibitor Directory Profile

Gain additional visibility in the online 2021 NBAA-BACE exhibitor directory.

Download the 2021 NBAA-BACE Online Show Directory Media Kit (PDF)

Gold Package $495
  • Provides access to unique list of online attendee leads
  • 4 product images (with text descriptions)
Diamond Package $1,495
Includes the Gold Package, plus:
  • 4 video uploads (or image/text panels)
  • Priority slotting at the top of online search results
  • Corner peel image on online booth
  • Inclusion in the Featured Exhibitor list
Show Highlights Sponsorship $2,495
Includes the Diamond Package, plus:
  • Exhibitor’s video or image on the homepage of the online exhibitor directory
  • Links directly to exhibitor’s online showcase
  • Statistics available for tracking
Product Category Sponsorship $2,495
Includes the Diamond Package, plus:
  • EXCLUSIVE – 300 x 50 pixel banner at the top of exhibitor’s product category
  • Guaranteed #1 listing within exhibitor’s category search results
Rotating Banner Sponsorship $2,495
Includes the Diamond Package, plus:
  • 360 x 45 pixel banner on the online interactive floor plan
  • Banner links to exhibitor’s online showcase
  • Statistics are available for tracking
Online Hall Sponsorship $3,995
Includes the Diamond Package, plus:
  • EXCLUSIVE – 200 x 200 pixel banner on online exhibit hall
  • Links to exhibitor’s online showcase and prints any time the hall is printed
  • Statistics available for tracking
Directory Partner Sponsorship $5,495
Includes the Diamond Package, plus:
  • EXCLUSIVE – 180 x 150 pixel banner on the home page of the online exhibitor directory
  • Links directly to exhibitor’s online showcase
  • Statistics available for tracking

For questions on upgrading your company profile, contact:

Tony Kruessel
Sr. Exhibitor Engagement Manager
Tel: 513-532-7522

Any person who attends an NBAA convention, conference, seminar or other program grants permission to NBAA, its employees and agents (collectively "NBAA") to record his or her visual/audio images, including, but not limited to, photographs, digital images, voices, sound or video recordings, audio clips, or accompanying written descriptions, and, without notifying such person, to use his or her name and such images for any purpose of NBAA, including advertisements for NBAA and its programs.