Dec. 16, 2021

The 2022 NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (SDC2022), taking place Jan. 18-21 at the San Diego Conference Center in San Diego, CA, promises to provide a valuable opportunity for business aviation professionals to learn about the latest developments in safety, leadership and more.

“The COVID era has shown us all that our knowledge and skills need to be as sharp as ever,” said Tyler Austin, NBAA’s director, certification. “In bringing back our Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference, we’re providing a schedule of sessions, first-time offerings and other features to prepare participants for leadership today and tomorrow.”

By way of illustration, Austin noted that the SDC2022 agenda includes the very latest from experts on international and domestic operations, sustainability best practices, workforce innovations, safety standard-setting, scheduling and dispatching technologies and leadership skill-building. The conference will kick off with a keynote session featuring leadership expert Dr. Jackie Freiberg, who will focus on ways to flex the “courage muscles.”

Highlights include:

  • A course on safety management systems (SMS) for business aviation, which will offer a thorough review of SMS, including benefits, safety policy and objectives, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. This session will include a review of both FAA and ICAO guidance.
  • A two-day course on essentials in scheduling and dispatch for business aviation, designed for those who have dispatchers licenses and are looking to update their knowledge and skills with the most recent information about duties and responsibilities. It will cover topics related to Federal Aviation Regulations, advanced planning, pre-flight requirements, and more.
  • A first-time attendee and ambassador meeting, where people attending their first conference will have the opportunity to meet each other, as well as ask veteran ambassador volunteers questions. First-time attendees will have the chance to win prizes at this meeting.
  • A session called “Weather or Not? How to Stay Ahead of It,” offering an advanced overview of how different weather conditions affect aircraft; and an in-depth look at how to use charts, weather patterns, forecasting, flight releases and more.
  • A regional review focused on Europe, one of the most popular destinations for business aviation flights. The conference will also offer regional reviews focused on North America; South America; Asia; Africa/Middle East; and Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands.
  • “Aviation Tax 101,” in which NBAA regulatory experts will break down the key concepts, components and terminology that relate to passenger usage of business aircraft. Topics include IRS disallowance, basic Standard Industry Fare Level disallowance, introduction to leases and time share agreements and engaging with your company’s tax experts.

Review the full conference agenda and register today for SDC2022.

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