Kent S. Jackson, Jetlaw, LLC®

Kent S. Jackson

Kent S. Jackson is founder and managing partner of Jetlaw, LLC®. He assists clients in establishing appropriate operating structures for Part 91, Part 135, Part 375, Part 380 and complex hybrid operations and has helped clients obtain Part 135, Part 125 and Part 380 authority. Jackson has represented companies and individuals in DOT, CBP and FAA enforcement proceedings and IRS tax audits. His clients include airports, corporate jet owners, lessors, investment banks, manufacturers and government agencies.

Jackson frequently speaks on behalf of the NBAA and other aviation groups. He is past chair of both NBAA’s Tax Committee and the NBAA Regulatory Issues Advisory Group, and a past member of the NBAA Advisory Council (formally known as the Associate Member Advisory Council). Jackson was also a principal participant on the FAA’s Fractional Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee and the Part 125/135 Aviation Rulemaking Committee. He is the Industry Chairman of the FAA’s Part 135 Rest and Duty Aviation Rulemaking Committee.

As a type-rated airline transport pilot, flight instructor and repairman, Jackson has flight experience in Part 91 and Part 135 operations. In addition, he owned Blue Feather Charter, LLC, an air carrier operating on-demand flights under FAR Part 135. Jackson is a Formula 1 race pilot and races Race 27 Once More at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV.

Kali M. Hague, Jetlaw, LLC®

Kali M. Hague

Kali M. Hague is a partner at Jetlaw, LLC®. She advises clients throughout the country and internationally on all aspects of aviation law. Her clients include 135 operators, airports, corporate flight departments, government contractors and UAS/AAM operations.

Hague helps her clients navigate unique and complex FAA and DOT issues. She provides outside general counsel services to aviation companies, including advising clients on human resource issues in the corporate flight department and resolving apparent conflicts between state law and FAA regulations. Hague also provides comprehensive counsel on aviation mergers and acquisitions.

Hague was recognized as one of NBAA’s Top 40 Under 40 award recipients in 2018, and in 2021, was appointed to the NBAA Board of Directors. She is a former member of NBAA’s Young Professionals Council.

Kansas State University recognized Hague as an Alumni Fellow in 2019. Hague is a former adjunct professor of aviation law for Kansas State University, which recognized Hague as an Alumni Fellow in 2019,

Hague is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. She has assisted with the firm’s flight operations since she joined the firm in 2010. Prior to joining the firm, Hague worked in-house for a Part 135 charter operator and aerial mapping operation, and she gained experience in airport operations while working for an airport authority.

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