Exhibitors that have submitted applications and full payments by March 3, 2023, will qualify for priority exhibit space placement and will select their exhibit location at an assigned time through the priority placement process, to be held the week of March 27, 2023.

At the assigned appointment time, each exhibitor will log into a Google Meet virtual meeting to look at the floor plan online and work directly with members of the NBAA exhibits team to identify their optimal location, considering both the exhibitor’s requirements and the spaces remaining.

NBAA assigns appointment times for this live placement process by grouping exhibitors into priority categories using the criteria listed below. All exhibitors within each priority level are randomly ordered and assigned appointment times for their exhibit space placement ahead of the exhibitors in the next lower priority category.

Priority Categories

To qualify for the priority placement process, exhibitors must submit exhibit applications with full payments by the March 3, 2023, deadline.

Priority-One Exhibitors

Companies whose applications and payments are received by the March 3, 2023, deadline and selected the premium placement option

Priority-Two Exhibitors

Companies whose applications and payments are received by the March 3, 2023, deadline and selected standard placement.

Priority-Three Exhibitors

Companies whose applications and payments are received after the March 3, 2023, deadline

Priority-three exhibitors will be placed in the order in which their applications and payments are received, after all exhibitors in priority-one and priority-two have been placed.


Exhibitors in priority-one and priority-two with cumulative sponsorship spend of $2,500 or greater at the 2022 NBAA Regional Forums will be placed before other exhibitors within their respective priority category.

Live Placement Process

The live placement process for the 2023 NBAA White Plains Regional Forum will be held the week of March 27, 2023.

Once priority status has been determined for all eligible exhibitors, each exhibitor will receive an email that includes the following:

  • The appointment time and call-in details for their live, online priority exhibit space placement
  • Proxy information to be used in the event an exhibitor is unable to call at their appointed time

At their assigned appointment times, exhibitors will use the meeting information provided in the confirmation to discuss exhibit plans and exhibit space options with the NBAA exhibits team. Once an exhibitor selects their exhibit space, the floor plan will be updated online in real time.

Following the priority exhibit space placement, each exhibitor will receive:

  • Booth confirmation – including booth number
  • Access to additional exhibitor information, including the exhibitor service kit, exhibitor badge registration, marketing tools and more.

For More Information

For more information about the 2023 NBAA White Plains Regional Forum exhibits and the application process, email exhibits@nbaa.org.

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