Flying Through Fear:
How Vulnerability Fuels Success

In this 45-minute keynote, Michelle “Mace” Curran takes her audience on a surprising and compelling journey through her career as a Fighter Pilot, culminating in her role as the Lead Solo Pilot for the Air Force Thunderbirds.

In today’s world, we are constantly under pressure to hire the right people, create a cohesive team and perform at a high level – to do more with less. However, true success hinges on each team member’s ability to be bold and expand their comfort zone. Most will struggle with self-doubt and imposter syndrome at some point in their lives, and Curran battled these obstacles while attempting to find her identity in a high-performance, type-A culture.

Her evolution from struggling with a crippling fear of failure to flying inverted only inches from other aircraft at 500 mph will inspire audiences to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Drawing on over a decade in high-performance aviation and her own transformation, Curran teaches audiences what they are capable of when they let go of fear, lean into vulnerability and make bold choices.

Are you ready to take flight and overcome your fears?

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