Jan. 27, 2025
Amelia Island, FL

It’s Their Perception, Not Your Position

Situational awareness is a common phrase used in relation to aviation safety, but how aware are you of the entire situation when it comes to your leadership? Do you pick up on your own nuances and the irregularities of your crew, or are you surprised when things go awry? Are you better at leading yourself or leading your team? Are you using the same old outdated goal metrics or have you by-passed setting goals altogether? Perhaps it’s time for a refresh.

This course, customized specifically for the NBAA Leadership Conference, combines the three-legged stool model – self, team, passengers – with Reason’s “Swiss Cheese Model” to investigate the causes of lapses in leadership and explore solutions. Exchange ideas with fellow business aviation professionals on topics including: critical thinking and thinking processes; lifelong learning; brain science; assessing and evaluating your results; and leadership behavioral silos.

Join in dynamic, peer-to-peer discussions where you will be presented with questions to expand your thinking and broaden your perspective. You will leave with a variety of methods to guide and propel your crew towards your desired result. After all, your success is based on your crew’s success, right?

This course covers PDP Objectives Leadership L2 and L4.