Dr. Shari L. Frisinger

Dr. Shari L. Frisinger

Human Behavior Consultant, Sājet Solutions

Dr. Shari Frisinger, a behavioral analyst, works with leaders on “maintaining their composure when they really want to strangle someone.” Her human factors programs raise awareness of potentially disruptive or unsafe behaviors – there are many more than you think – and provide solutions to strengthen safety culture by having everyone “playing nice in the same company hangar.” She has researched the “why” of behaviors and works with leaders to improve the culture of their department – whether it’s safety (which begins and ends in your mind), customer service (adapting to them, not vice versa), or recognizing and perfecting the best of your people. 

Frisinger has merged her doctoral dissertation on crisis leadership and her ERAU graduate research project on personalities in the cockpit to create programs that address core issues and solid behavior-modifying techniques. The result is a stronger SMS culture and a more unified, higher performing team – all of which directly affects your bottom line.

A dynamic keynote speaker, corporate trainer, consultant, executive coach and facilitator, Frisinger has impacted the bottom line of organizations for decades.  

Frisinger designs and conducts hands-on, real-world workshops and executive one-on-one coaching tailored to leaders who want to improve their bottom line through enhanced internal and external situational awareness. She is a professor who teaches leadership courses at the undergraduate and graduate level and she writes a monthly article for DOM Magazine. She has served on the NBAA Safety Committee and Professionalism Subcommittee and has presented at many aviation conferences and events for NBAA and other organizations.

Dr. Shari L. Frisinger

Scott D. Arnold

Founder Sājet Solutions

Scott Arnold began his aviation career in 1988 and in 2013, founded Sājet Solutions. In addition to his consulting and training services, he’s an adjunct instructor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s online courseware and a strategic marketing consultant for In-Flight Crew Connections and ONeCALL Flight Dispatch. He is a founding member of the CCREW Exchange and the creator and moderator of The CFA Connection, the largest and complimentary Corporate Flight Attendant/Flight Technician resource sharing and learning platform. 

Arnold is a past chair of NBAA’s Flight Attendants Committee and a founding member of the steering committee for the creation of a European Flight Attendant Committee and European Cabin Service Conference. He continues to support  NBAA’s Flight Attendants Committee as an alumni member.  He is a former partner of the DaVinci Inflight Training Institute and a former Director Aircare Crews Staffing/Lead Trainer and Program Development Manager for Aircare FACTS Training. He was a co-founder of Corporate Flight Solutions (which dissolved into Aircare). As of February 2024, has retired as Chief Flight Attendant for a private owner.

Arnold has extensive experience with creating customized cabin safety and inflight service standards for business aviation flight departments, as well as coordinating the successful transitions of flight operations from Part 91 to Part 125/135, focusing on cabin safety standards and regulations; and performing redundancy evacuation drills to ensure FAA approval, compliancy, and implementation. He provides personal travel safety, passenger cabin safety and professional career enhancement workshops. 

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