Jan. 19, 2016
Tampa, FL

Presented by Jodie Brown, Summit Solutions, LLC

Held in conjunction with NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (SDC2016).
This course is designed to improve the communication skills and performance of aviation professionals who find themselves in leadership positions within the business aviation industry. Emphasis is placed on the ability to disseminate information using effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies and social networks to engage personnel and enhance performance. Participants will address specific and practical aviation challenges. Geared toward business aviation issues that address Part 91, Part 135, Part 145 operations, FBOs and support operations, this course is relevant to schedulers and dispatchers and other leaders who want to improve their communication effectiveness.

This course fulfills NBAA PDP Objective L4.

For more information, contact NBAA’s Tyler Austin at taustin@nbaa.org or (202) 783-9267.