Does NBAA offer sample timeshare, interchange, or joint ownership agreements?

NBAA does offer a guideline resource to help you set up a timeshare, interchange, or joint ownership agreement, known as our Aircraft Operating and Leasing Package, which is available for NBAA Members to download from the NBAA web site.

NBAA does not offer sample agreements because varying circumstances make each timeshare, interchange, and joint ownership arrangement unique. With this thought in mind, NBAA encourages aircraft operators to work with qualified aviation legal counsel to create an appropriate agreement that will keep the operation of your aircraft in compliance with all regulations. For a listing of NBAA Member companies that can provide legal assistance to you, visit the Products and Services Directory on the NBAA web site. The following Products and Services categories will be the most useful in finding qualified aviation legal counsel for this topic area:

  • Law, Legal Services – Aircraft Transactions
  • Law, Legal Services – Aviation
  • Law, Legal Services – Regulatory, FAA