The FAA created the Fractional Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee (FOARC) through an order dated October 6, 1999. The objective of the FOARC was to “propose such revisions to the Federal Aviation Regulations and associated guidance material as may be appropriate with respect to fractional ownership programs.”

The FOARC was composed of 27 members representing at least nine Part 135 operators, seven fractional ownership program managers, four airframe manufacturers, three traditional Part 91 corporate flight departments, nine traditional aircraft management companies, and five industry trade associations. NBAA President Jack Olcott, representing NBAA, served as one of the Committee’s members. In addition, NBAA Board Members Don Baldwin of Texaco and Paul Stinebring of Emerson Electric represented their company’s interests on the FOARC, with Thomas Ciotti, Chairman of NBAA’s Part 135 Standing Committee, representing Aviation Resource Management, Inc. Representatives of the FAA, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and financing and insurance companies, also participated on the Committee. Representatives of the Civil Aviation Authorities of the United Kingdom and Transport Canada participated in the Committee’s activities, but recused themselves from the decision-making process. Expert legal representatives, many of whom have substantial experience with FAA regulations, supported many Committee Members. A complete listing of the FOARC’s appointees is contained in both FOARC documents.

NBAA’s Board of Directors supports the FOARC recommendation in concept and is receiving the Committee’s detailed recommendation for review. It is important to note that the results of the 1999 NBAA Membership opinion poll related to the regulatory oversight of fractional activities were presented to the Committee on three separate occasions, and the full poll results were distributed in writing to the Committee’s members, including the FAA. View the PowerPoint presentation used by Olcott in his opening remarks.

The Committee participated in three meeting sessions of three days each, totaling nine meeting days in November and December 1999. In addition, a meeting was held on January 20, 2000 to review the final draft and to finish the report. During the second meeting session, two days were set aside for public hearings. Three public presentations were made.

FOARC Recommendations

On February 23, 2000 the Fractional Aircraft Ownership Aviation Rulemaking Committee presented its recommendations to the FAA in the format of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

Members of FOARC

David Harrington – Airbus Industries
Gary Arber – Alpha Flying
Michael Pittard – Aviation Charter Services
Thomas Ciotti – Aviation Resource Management
Lee D. Monson – Boeing
Dennis Keith – Bombardier Business Jet
Frederick Gevalt, III – The Air Charter Guide
Geoff Parker – British Civil Aviation Authority
William Yek – DaimlerChrysler
Patricia Thomas – Department of Transportation
Dayton Lehman – Department of Transportation
Paul Stinebring – Emerson Electric
Richard G. Smith, III – Executive Jet Aviation
Katherine Perfetti – Federal Aviation Administration
Edward Kammerer – Fleet Capital Leasing
Darnell Martins – Flight Options
Ed Bolen – General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
W. W. Boisture, Jr. – Gulfstream
Joseph Corrao – Helicopter Association International
Marc Fruchter – Marc Fruchter Aviation
Andrew Cebula – National Air Transportation Association (NATA)
John W. Olcott – National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)
James C. Christiansen, FOARC Chairman – TAG Aviation USA, Inc.
Donald Baldwin – Texaco
Trevor Owen – Transport Canada
Gary Hart – Raytheon TravelAir
Timothy McSwain – U. S. Aviation Underwriters Group