Updated April 18, 2022

The Web-based Operation Safety System (WebOPSS) – the FAA’s program to collect data on operator activities as well as generate and manage authorizing documents, such as letters of authorization, on behalf of operators – only runs on Microsoft Internet Explorer, causing some users to find themselves unable to access the system.

WebOPSS users see this message when logging in: “WebOPSS will only work with Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 PC. If you are using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or any other browser, please use IE instead.”

Microsoft announced it will sunset Internet Explorer in June 2022. However, the FAA indicated a replacement for WebOPSS will not be available until late 2024, which will require industry users to find creative solutions for over two years.

Members of the NBAA Domestic Operations Committee, including Eric Canup, the Domestic Operations Committee chair, and Mike McCullough, chair of the committee’s Part 135 Subcommittee, have been tracking the issue and exploring workarounds for members.

“WebOPSS was a huge improvement over its predecessor, but uses old coding and will soon be obsolete,” said McCullough, explaining not only are users limited to a specific browser, but often have challenges using WebOPSS on Apple/Mac products.

Canup and McCullough explained Microsoft Edge has an IE tab that presents a workable option for users operating Windows 10. A Chrome extension called IE Tab also seems to work on both Microsoft and Mac systems with Windows 10.

“It puts industry in a bind, since any new computer is likely to be Windows 11 and won’t support compatibility with WebOPSS,” said Canup, adding operators may need to keep an old computer with Windows 10 to continue to use WebOPSS.

NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee will monitor the situation and provide members with an update as new information becomes available.