Updated information about NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption, including a new exemption letter, is now available. Review current information about NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption.

March 22, 2022

With no changes in the conditions and limitations, the FAA has extended NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption No. 7897L until March 31, 2024.

To benefit from the exemption NBAA members who operate small aircraft that weigh 12,500 pounds or less, piston-powered airplanes or rotorcraft must submit a Notice of Joinder to FAA Exemption No. 7897L, said Doug Carr, NBAA senior vice president of safety, security, sustainability and international affairs.

With the extension, NBAA has amended its online form that allows members to easily comply with the exemption’s Notice of Joinder requirements. The electronic form requests that the FAA append the person submitting the notice to list them with the other NBAA members authorized to use the exemption. It requires the name and contact information for the person, authorized representatives, NBAA membership number and statements attesting compliance with all of the exemption’s conditions and limitations.

NBAA members cannot enjoy the Small Aircraft Exemption’s benefits until the responsible Flight Standards District Office has been notified and has a copy of the time-sharing, interchange or joint ownership agreement under which the aircraft is operated, and its logbook as an appropriate entry.

Another Notice of Joinder statement attests they will not exercise the exemption’s benefits if they cease to be an NBAA member.

The Small Aircraft Exemption allows NBAA members named on the exemption’s list to employ the alternative aircraft maintenance programs and limited cost-reimbursement for certain flights in accordance with Part 91 Subpart F, which are typically limited to aircraft weighing more than 12, 500 pounds, powered by multiple turbojets, or part of a fractional ownership program.

“And in no way does the NBAA Small Aircraft Exemption authorize any operation that must be conducted under Part 135,” Carr added.

NBAA members may view the Small Aircraft Exemption notice.