May 16, 2022

The FAA’s program for processing Letters of Authorization (LOA) requests, WebOPSS, only runs on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE11), which will be replaced by new software, Microsoft Edge, on June 15.

The FAA has been converting agency software to the new Microsoft standard; however, due to the age of WebOPSS, the transition of this particular platform has been problematic. The agency recently published a near-term workaround for industry users.

Users must configure Microsoft Edge in International Explorer Compatibility View before June 15 to ensure continued functionality of WebOPSS after Microsoft disables IE11. Critically, users should not uninstall IE11 or they lose the ability to use WebOPSS. Leave IE11 installed so the IE Mode is available in Microsoft Edge.

This workaround is only available on Windows 10 or earlier versions of the operating system, so operators may need to avoid updating their operating system on at least one computer.

View detailed instructions from the FAA for configuring a Windows 10 PC for WebOPSS. (PDF)

NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee has been asking the FAA for a solution to this technology gap. In the interim, the committee identified another workaround for both PCs and Macs using the latest operating systems. Operators can access WebOPSS using a third-party extension called IETab, which allows users to imitate IE9 in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers, even on Windows 11 operating systems. It also facilitates access in Google Chrome on MacOS.

The committee will continue to monitor implementation of the workaround and long-term changes to WebOPSS and will provide members with an update if new information becomes available.