Dec. 28, 2022

NBAA recently expressed its support for extending the duration of U.S. aircraft registrations from three to seven years, but also called on the FAA to provide greater clarity on some elements of the new process.

In submitted comments, NBAA cited several advantages to moving expiration dates on current aircraft registrations to seven years after the date of issuance, including less time operators must devote to registration renewal paperwork and potential cost savings through less frequent renewal fees.

The proposed FAA rule also extends the period that aircraft may be operated on temporary registration certificates which are issued while the full registration is processed by the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch – from 90 days to 12 months.

That should help ease current burdens on both the agency and aircraft owners at a time when the registry’s backlog for processing documents may run as long as six months. This move also would “provide clarity and peace of mind to aircraft owners waiting on their permanent certificate of aircraft registration,” NBAA noted.

However, NBAA also cautioned that, as written, the FAA rule implies operators will not receive amended registration certificates with revised expiration dates. That could lead to issues for international operators that present registrations with expired dates during foreign ramp inspections.

“A pathway is needed that allows operators traveling to a foreign destination to renew their certificate early so that they do not need to travel abroad with a certificate that appears expired in case of a ramp inspection,” NBAA commented, adding that foreign inspectors are unlikely to be aware of the FAA registration changes.

The association also requested additional details from the agency on other elements of the rule, including what would constitute “inaccurate information” on submitted registration paperwork, additional guidance on how the FAA would determine information was incorrect, and how much time aircraft owners would have to submit corrections.

“NBAA fully supports the rule extending the duration of aircraft registration from three to seven years,” the comments concluded. “With the clarifications requested, the FAA can ensure a smooth implementation process.”

Read NBAA’s comments on the FAA registration extension.