The following flight department employee job categories are used in NBAA’s Compensation Survey. Job titles vary widely, so when determining which job category to use when entering or evaluating a particular employee, you should use the job descriptions below to determine the most appropriate match.

Aviation Dept. Mgr. I (does not fly)

Reports to company officer and is responsible for overall operation of aviation unit. Does not pilot aircraft and spends all time in non-flying managerial activities.

Aviation Dept. Mgr. II (does some flying)

Reports to company officer and is responsible for overall operation of aviation unit. Spends some or a major portion of time piloting aircraft.

Chief Pilot

Pilots aircraft majority of time; supervises pilot training and selection; responsible for maintaining proficiency of pilots; may fulfill manager responsibilities when needed. In department where no manager exists, reports to company officer and may be responsible for overall operation of aviation unit.

Senior Captain

The senior captain may have a limited supervisory role of other flight crew in similar makes and models and may be qualified in multiple company aircraft. This position might be responsible for flight operation standardization in assigned makes and models. The senior captain may also have a role as mentor within the flight department


The captain (pilot in command) is responsible for the safe conduct of flights to which they are assigned while ensuring compliance with all federal, state, local and foreign regulations, as well as the policies and procedures specified in the company operations manual. When assigned to a flight, the captain has the final authority in the operation of the aircraft. Captains usually reports directly to the chief pilot.


The copilot (first officer) reports to the Chief Pilot and is responsible to the captain of the flight for the conduct and execution of assigned duties. Assists the captain with discharging safety responsibilities and being prepared to assume the duties of the pilot in command.

Director of Maintenance

A licensed A&P who works with or reports directly to the aviation department manager. This position usually includes more administrative duties than actual maintenance and repair. Responsible for overseeing maintenance of department aircraft, flight department planning and budget issues.

Manager of Maintenance

A licensed A&P who supervises other A&P maintenance technicians and helpers directly or through a lead maintenance technician or maintenance foreman. Reports directly to the director of maintenance for all maintenance performed on all aircraft.

Maintenance Foreman

A licensed A&P who supervises activities of A&P maintenance technicians and helpers. Reports to the manager of maintenance.

A&P Maintenance Technician

Licensed by FAA to perform airframe and power plant maintenance. Duties may include: performing inspections, preventive maintenance, maintaining shop and hangar tools and equipment, and ensuring compliance with ADs.

Maintenance Technician Helper

Assists an A&P maintenance technician with maintenance of the aircraft, excluding avionics and communications equipment. Does not hold an A&P licence.

Avionics Technician

A licensed FCC Avionics Repairman. Reports to the manager or maintenance or the maintenance foreman


Schedules aircraft and records flight times, maintains aircraft schedule changes as well as other administrative duties.

Licensed Dispatcher

Schedules aircraft and aircraft maintenance, records flight times and related information. Maintains inventory, aircraft schedule changes and purchased supplies and equipment. May provide flight crew with flight plans, weather information, permits, etc. Reports to aviation department manager.

Flight Attendant

Provides safety assurance as well as ensuring a cabin environment that is conducive to passenger needs. Professional flight attendants should be trained and qualified in cabin safety and equipment specific to the aircraft.

Line Service Personnel

Responsible for refueling, moving aircraft in and out of hangar, cleans and restocks aircraft. Assists in routine maintenance, pre-flights, meeting of arriving and dispatching departing aircraft, etc. Reports to a maintenance foreman or manager of maintenance.