May 26, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, NBAA had launched its annual Compensation Survey for 2020, collecting updated data on aviation departments, including staffing, policies, pay and benefits packages. As the magnitude of the pandemic set in, NBAA was “diverted from our flight pattern,” explained NBAA Operations Specialist Hunter Watson, and is now extending the survey’s deadline.

“We remained in contact with members and considered the effect this had on everyone’s operation,” said Watson. “We have now extended the participation deadline for the survey, to allow any new registrants time to complete the questionnaire. As business aviation recovers, companies may be rethinking the workforce structure of their operation.”

The registration period for the survey now closes June 1, and survey responses are needed by June 30.

The survey is a longstanding – but always evolving – project of NBAA’s Business Aviation Management Committee. Committee member Christopher Broyhill said the next year will be a unique time in the history of business aviation, making the data collected now even more important.

“We must continue to analyze the data, regardless of what is taking place in the background,” said Broyhill, founder and CEO of Citadel Consulting. “Just because we might not like what the data presents doesn’t mean we shouldn’t capture it and analyze it. Business aviation will likely rebound in a more controlled way than the airlines. This rebound will keep aviation compensation levels somewhat stable.”

Only NBAA member representatives, or those designated, at operating member companies are eligible to participate in the 2020 Compensation Survey. Results are provided at no cost to survey participants and are available for purchase at $700 for members who do not participate.

Learn more about the NBAA 2020 Compensation Survey.