Aug. 5, 2015

Attending NBAA’s convention during his freshman year of college convinced Jeremy Leonard, 22, to apply for an internship with NBAA in the summer of 2013. It turned out to be a decision that would lead to a career in business aviation.

Leonard, a 2013 graduate of Westminster College in Utah, is currently flying a SAAB 340 for PenAir, and lives in Anchorage, AK. Previously, he flew for ATI Jet in El Paso, TX.

“My favorite part of the NBAA internship was the people I worked with, and the knowledge I acquired,” said Leonard, who worked in the operations division. During his internship, Leonard said he was able to attend a rule making advisory committee at the FAA, and see firsthand how various stakeholders worked together to create and change rules.

He said the internship helped him to develop professional relationships that he would not have been able to make otherwise. “Everyone knows about the NBAA,” Leonard added.

“I also really enjoyed the amount of references, data and resources that the NBAA has available; it helped me learn a lot about business aviation,” he said.

His advice to interns: “Make the most of the Washington, DC area, learn from the vast knowledge that the NBAA team has to offer and enjoy your time, as it will go by very quickly.”

Leonard said students considering a career in business aviation should get involved in the industry early.

“Be patient and ask others with more experience for suggestions and advice,” he suggested. “The industry is extremely dynamic and requires patience and commitment.”