Oct. 11, 2020

The role of women in leadership positions is key to the business aviation community’s pioneering story, and central to its future, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen said in an address to a weekend awards ceremony held Oct. 10 by Women in Corporate Aviation (WCA).

“Our message to the whole business aviation community is our industry is characterized by boundless opportunities for everyone, with lots of different perspectives,” Bolen said. “We want the best. We want the brightest. You are that, and you will be key to attracting the next generation, and ensuring those leaders see an environment that is welcoming to them.”

The event kicked off with perspectives from Liz Clark, CAM, and WCA founder, followed by WCA Executive Director Tracie Carwile. Also speaking were European Business Aviation Association Secretary General Athar Husain Khan and Asian Business Aviation Association President Wu Zhen Dong.

A large, diverse roster of women aviation leaders were recognized, including those who are part of NBAA’s 2020 class of 40 Under 40 Young Professionals. Among that group are WCA’s Carwile, Kim Kissh with Tailwind Air and Corrine McCune with The Home Depot.

“As an industry, we all want to chart a pathway forward, focused not just on where we’ve been, but on where we’re going, in bringing all leaders together,” Bolen concluded. “The partnership between NBAA and WCA has been key to that, and it will be critical in the years ahead.