March 9, 2021

NBAA has released an updated version of its industry standard Management Guide, a must-have reference that provides an overview of how to run a safe and effective flight department.

The guide is a free benefit for NBAA’s members. This latest edition reflects up-to-date industry guidance on a wide range of topics including administration, flight operations, international flying and maintenance.
Updates for this new edition include expanded sections on business aviation ethics, dispatcher responsibilities, unmanned aerial systems, electronic flight bags and international operations. It has also been reformatted to offer an easier reading experience for the growing number of members who use the digital PDF format.

“NBAA members regard the Management Guide as an essential tool because it effectively and thoroughly conveys the fundamentals of running a flight department,” said Jo Damato, NBAA vice president, educational strategy and workforce. “We’re pleased to once again update this critical resource with new perspectives from the veteran business aviation leaders in our committees.”

The content is developed by members of NBAA’s standing committees, who comprise a wide range of roles within the industry. These committees review the text and offer suggestions on ways to keep the document fresh and authoritative, reflecting the best practices employed by today’s leading flight departments.

NBAA members may download the Management Guide.