Speaking with your boss, whether they are a high net worth individual or a senior manager, can be intimidating for many small flight department managers. The NBAA Small Flight Department Subcommittee of the Domestic Operations Committee is frequently asked how to approach conversations about safety, compensation, accounting and scheduling, which can be challenging and sometimes adversarial. The Small Flight Department Subcommittee has compiled several industry best practices based on advice from communication experts, aviation department managers and NBAA resources. This guide provides general recommendations and then focuses on three specific objectives identified through industry surveys and feedback.

Downland Speaking With Your Principal (Members-only PDF)

Small Operator Learning Series

In addition to the written resource, NBAA has developed webinars to help small flight department managers better communicate with the principal or senior management.

Speaking with your Principal
One of the biggest challenges aviation managers face is communicating effectively with upper levels of the company about the needs of the flight department while ensuring an open dialogue with team members. In this webinar, experts share guidance for better communication about safety, budgeting and expectations.

Expectations of Safety
While it may seem that a safety discussion should be easy to have with your principal, it is often the most difficult one. Hear real-world guidance from business aircraft operators on having an ongoing dialogue about developing and maintaining a safety culture.

Speaking With Your Principal on Budgeting
Preparing and presenting a budget to the company principal can be challenging when running a small flight operation, but there are steps aviation managers can take to become more comfortable with the process.