NBAA’s Strategic Engagement article series looks at how flight department managers can help ensure a positive, effective relationship with the company’s headquarters. It provides management tips and tools for Part 91 operators both large and small.

Summary of articles in the series:

  • Part 1: Closing the Gap Between Hangar and Headquarters – Flight department managers are finding that participating in a company’s activities and planning are essential. Read this story (PDF).
  • Part 2: The New-Generation Aviation Director – It takes a strong flight department leader who is attuned to the business needs of the company to bridge the gap between hangar and headquarters. Read this story.
  • Part 3: Becoming Strategic Partners With Company Headquarters – This five-step plan can strengthen your flight department’s relationship with company headquarters “downtown.” Read this story.
  • Part 4: Managing Your Flight Department Like a Business – Flight departments usually are not considered revenue-generating organizations, but they still should be managed as a business unit. Read this story.

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This series of articles was originally published in Business Aviation Insider, the official magazine of NBAA, between May/June 2015 and November/December 2015. Learn more about Business Aviation Insider and download the mobile app for iOS and Android tablets.