May 3, 2023

Do you know the three pillars of a successful letter of authorization (LOA) application? Experts described those three pillars – procedures, training and aircraft – in the “Ins and Outs of the Top 10 LOAs,” the most recent installment of the NBAA Small Operator Learning Series.

“The most common operations question fielded by NBAA is ‘Which LOAs do I need to go and how do I get them?’” said Brian Koester, CAM, NBAA’s director of flight operations and regulations. “This webinar, along with NBAA’s LOA resource guide, provides guidance on these questions, with steps for avoiding common errors.”

While people new to aviation management positions might find themselves asking these questions, more experienced personnel aren’t immune to LOA challenges.

“There is so much dynamic change in aviation, from the FAA and ICAO and from operators and aircraft capabilities, it can be hard to keep track of the requirements,” said Dennis Mills of Jet RVSM and a retired FAA navigations specialist. “Many Part 91 management personnel have limited exposure to FSDOs and the LOA application might be one of their few interactions. In the meantime, the FAA is dealing with a shortage of qualified resources.”

Mills said the shortage makes it even more important that the operator get the application package right the first time, considering the three pillars – procedures, training and aircraft.

Using a third-party vendor to assemble your application package can help ensure timely processing without the back-and-forth of FAA rejection, corrections, re-submission and even more waiting time. An experienced vendor is especially important when management personnel are also flying trips, as assembling an LOA package can be a difficult distraction from the daily mission.

The ins and outs session shares specific tips on obtaining the 10 most common LOAs, including B054 Oceanic and Remote Airspace Navigation Using a Single Long-Range Navigation System, B036 Oceanic and Remote Continental Navigation Using Multiple Long-Range Navigation Systems, A056 Data Link Communications and B039 Operations in North Atlantic High-Level Airspace.

For more information on LOA applications, NBAA’s Domestic Operations Committee recently published The Why’s and How’s of Special Authorizations – Part 91 LOAs as a resource guide for Part 91 flight department managers and others responsible for regulatory compliance.

Attendees who complete the NBAA’s Small Operator Learning Series earn one point of Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) credit toward application and recertification.