There are numerous potential benefits to using a personal aircraft for business travel, both for you, the employee, and for your employer.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Employers across the country strive to increase the productivity of their employees. The use of an aircraft could allow you to make more effective use of your time. Instead of wasting several hours driving to a destination, the same trip could be accomplished in much less time by using a general aviation aircraft. If the time you save can be further maximized by avoiding the costs and time associated with traveling commercially, the benefit is multiplied.

Business aircraft are often called time machines, because business aircraft users can accomplish more in one day than others can in several days. The use of personal aircraft can allow you to visit multiple cities in one day and do so in a more efficent and comfortable way.

Companies also can benefit from the use of general aviation aircraft when they need to transport products that don’t fit in an airline overhead bin or that cannot be checked. If a company can allow an employee to transport a fragile or sensitive item to another location, it can potentially save significant time and money.

Positive Impact on Bottom Line

Making multiple stops in one day means generating more sales for the company. If you are not limited by the constraints of an airline’s schedule, you will have more face-to-face time with your customer. Efficient use of your time means greater impact for your employer.

In today’s marketplace, having the ability to move employees to a location quickly can provide a real competitive advantage. In some cases, this factor prompts companies to invest in company-provided aircraft for employees. Allowing employee pilots to use their own aircraft is another option for companies to consider.

Cost Savings for Company

As a result of increased productivity, there can be a measureable decrease in travel expenses for people flying their own aircraft on business, as compared to traveling commercially or even by car. If you are traveling to a location not serviced by airlines, or to a destination that would require multiple stops with an airline, the savings can be significant.

Many times, it is assumed that the use of general aviation will be more expensive than other forms of travel, but by significantly shortening the trip, the cost benefit of this mode of travel can quickly become apparent, particularly when the cost of time, hotels and food are factored in.

In addition, many companies do not take into account the cost of an employee’s lost productivity while traveling. While they might think they are saving money by putting you on an airline flight, they may actually be costing themselves more money. If the airline flight requires you to spend most of a day traveling to the destination, then another day traveling back home, the cost of those two days of lost productivity can easily eclipse the perceived cost savings of using the airline.

Increased Piloting Experience

For the employee, the benefits of using a general aviation aircraft for business can mean additional flight time, which leads to added pilot proficiency. Not only is this an attractive benefit for you, but it is also a great benefit to be marketed by your company to current and prospective employees.

In addition to the opportunity for you to spend more time in the cockpit, using a personal aircraft for business trips can make your overall travel experience a much more pleasant one. Most pilots would prefer flying over driving when given the choice and most would also prefer flying their own aircraft over dealing with the inconveniences of modern airline travel. And, if using your own aircraft allows you to reduce your travel time and increase your personal scheduling flexibility, this can significantly enhance your work experience.

For employers, giving you the opportunity to use your highly specialized skills as a pilot, for the company’s benefit, allows them to maximize your value to them.

Cost Savings for Aircraft Owner

For employee pilots who own their own aircraft, there are financial benefits to using your aircraft on business. If you are able to have your employer reimburse you for flights that you have made on their behalf, you may be able to offset your operating costs. Aside from reducing your direct operating costs, there may be potential tax benefits to using your aircraft for business as well.