The NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program provides a high quality, cost effective solution to aviation workers’ compensation coverage. Developed in partnership with Old Republic Aerospace, this program is underwritten and issued by Old Republic Insurance Company. Exclusive benefits for NBAA members:

  • Aviation workers’ compensation insurance at competitive rates
  • Opportunity to receive a cash dividend
  • Broad coverage tailored to the needs of aviation businesses including both flight and ground operations
  • Access to workplace safety and loss control resources
  • A dedicated, proven aviation insurance partner approved in all available states

Policies cover flight departments of all size, from single aircraft operations to multi-aircraft flight departments as well as each employee involved with the company’s flight operation including pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, flight department managers, aircraft operators and administrative personnel. There are even provisions for companies using contract pilots, contract flight attendants and other contract crew.

Plus, participating companies are now able to derive an additional benefit under the program – the opportunity to earn a cash dividend, something that is quite rare in our industry. Due to the outstanding loss experience of the group since the program’s inception, participating companies may receive a dividend in the form of a refund for a significant portion of their annual premiums.

Since 2009 this exceptional program has paid $7.9 million in dividends.

You don’t have to change insurance brokers to take advantage of the NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program. Your current insurance provider can easily connect you to the program.

Learn more about this program, or contact your current insurance broker.

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If you’re not already an NBAA member, you must first join the Association to take advantage of this program.

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